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A Sports Family Support Program

Middle School & High School Athletes | Colorado

What is Sports Support?

This course is dedicated to supporting student athletes and families as they strive for excellence in sports and beyond. We believe that sports can be a powerful tool for personal growth - fostering important values like teamwork, perseverance and sportsmanship.
We provide the support students need to excel, both on and off the field.

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Course Overview:

About Sports Support

Our Sports Support course is designed to help athletes develop into the best version of themselves - both on and off the field. This course builds a strong academic foundation by offering educational support through tutoring and academic workshops – and combines that with student passion for their sport of choice, as well as additional opportunities to experience adventure and the arts to help create a well rounded experience for each student athlete involved.

Students in this support course will be heavily involved in competitive sports throughout the full school year. Students must commit to both a fall and a spring sport to be eligible for this course.

This program is designed to:

  • Remove barriers between students and their sport of choice
  • Enhance academic achievement
  • Identify and develop student strengths
  • Build academic resiliency.
  • Foster leadership skills
Program Objectives

Students in the sports support course are developing their athletic skills and ability while simultaneously enhancing their academic performance.

  • Some of these athletes have the goal of becoming professional or olympic athletes.
  • Some have the goal of learning the sport, engaging with peers and growing their own personal abilities / stamina.
  • All are learning the importance of dedication and hardwork
  • All are also being stretched in ways that push them to their peak.Build academic resiliency.
  • Foster leadership skills

Our goal is to support them along the way.

Student Access to Sports

When a student is passionate about a sport or activity, CHE / Inspired Learning believes any barrier standing in the way should be removed. We work with parents and our sports coaches and partners to ensure students have access to their sport of choice.


Academics are an important part of an athlete’s high school career. A strong educational foundation in high school will ensure the student will thrive after high school as well, whether higher education or the workforce is their goal. Students in Sports Support have weekly access to tutoring. If Algebra 2 has them stumped, we have the support they need. If a report is causing them headaches, our dedicated tutors will help review and refine it.

Academic Workshops

Our academic workshops are designed to improve upon the skills we have seen are most needed among student athletes: writing, test taking and study skills. These workshops are offered in the early fall, before school starts so that students can begin the school year with the foundation they need. Academic workshops are optional based on student need.

Cost (it's completely free)

There is no cost to the parent or student because this class is a program of the Colorado Homeschool Enrichment.

is a publicly funded program to benefit homeschooled and private school students with programs to enrich their standard course load. All students must enroll with CHE in the summer to be prepared to start the program in the fall. Eligible students must NOT be enrolled in any other publicly funded program at the time of enrollment. 

What's included

With a range of sports programs and activities to choose from, there's something for everyone.


of Sports


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