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What is Propel?

Propel Educational Pathways (PEP) is your solution to intentionally created, engaging programming designed with your student in mind. Propel enables students to explore their strengths, challenges, talents and potential career fields.

By encouraging exploration of individual interests, students are able to interact with the world around them in a way that enables them to explore their strengths and challenges, talents and potential career fields. The goal of this program is extended student engagement, leading to higher achievement levels.

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Course Overview:

About Propel

The goal of Propel is to offer a personalized learning journey, empowering students to explore their passions and achieve their full potential through diverse and engaging educational pathways or tracks. Because we believe that student engagement is essential to student success, we remove barriers and provide the support students need to thrive. Studies show that student engagement is associated with higher achievement, persistence and retention - all skills that are essential for leadership and indicators of success in both school and career paths.

This program is designed to:

  • Enhance student engagement.
  • Identify and develop students' strengths.
  • Encourage exploration of individual interests.
  • Remove barriers between the student and their passions.
  • Foster leadership skills and career exploration.
Detailed course description

Propel Pathways:

The Movement Path

Students on the Movement Path are typically involved in the same activity week after week in order to promote physical health and general wellness. Through our partnerships with well established local experts, Propel enables students to pursue excellence in physical activities while fostering lifelong health habits.

Examples of activities that students pursue are swimming, martial arts and gymnastics. When a student commits to a full year of participation with one of our community partners, and to completing all course work required, program and activity fees are included as part of the course offering of The Movement Path.

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The Arts Path

Students on The Arts Path desire to nurture their creativity and artistic talent. Propel ensures that they are given a platform to express themselves and explore their artistic passions, from music and theater to visual arts. Students might participate in their arts related activities daily, weekly and / or in blocks of time such as performance and rehearsal weeks.

Examples of The Arts Path activities are dance, music lessons or theater. When a student commits to a full year of participation with one of our community partners, and to completing all course work required, program and activity fees are included as part of the course offering of The Arts Path.

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The Travel Path

Students on The Travel Path see the world as their classroom. They recognize that true instruction is not contained by four walls, and that experiential learning is a paramount part of education. Therefore, these students commit to completing our fall travel course, which prepares them for spring travel.

Students spend approximately 20 hours per month developing the travel plan and nurturing their understanding of the history, culture, geography and current environment of the location to which they choose to travel. The Travel Path culminates with a spring presentation and celebration of all that The Travel Path students have learned.

Please note: The Travel Path requires the commitment of a parent to travel in the Spring.

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The Community Path

Students who love pouring into their community in order to make it a better place will likely fit right into The Community Path. These students are intentional about their community involvement and may want to intern with a local business, volunteer at the zoo or shadow our local civic leaders. Students on this path go through a special interview process, as an exceptional level of leadership, responsibility and dedication is required to succeed on this path.

If accepted into The Community Path, students will be guided on a journey to develop their own sense of identity within the context of community. They will express and explore their own independence while gaining an understanding of the interdependence that members of the community have on one another.

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Scope of Program Activities

Each Propel Pathway is designed to allow your student to shine in activities to which they feel most drawn. Students may participate in only one course / path per year. Below are examples of past activities students have participated in.

Movement activities may include:

  • Figure Skating
  • Swim Team
  • Gymnastics
  • Club Volleyball
  • Gymnastics
  • Horseback Riding
  • Swim Lessons

Arts activities may include:‍‍

  • Band
  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Music Lessons
  • Symphony
  • Orchestra
  • Print & Digital Design

Travel activities may include:

  • Educational Trips
  • Service Trips

Community activities include:

  • Business Internships
  • Zoo Crew
  • Community Service

Your Propel Mentor

Each student is assigned a dedicated mentor to guide them through the program. The mentor acts as coach / cheerleader and works closely with the student (and their parents) to help ensure success, set goals and help overcome potential challenges.

Scheduling and Sequence

Propel offers a structured yet flexible approach, tailored to each student's unique interests and goals. The program spans from August to May, with a focus on continuous growth and engagement in various activities. Specific scheduling and sequence will depend upon the Propel Pathway the student chooses. In general, here is what to expect:

August: Exploration Month

  • Orientation: Parents and students will attend a required orientation to help them gain an understanding of the pathway they have chosen and what to expect for the coming year. The student portion of this orientation will contain a Goal Setting Workshop, designed to help students set realistic and achievable goals over the course of the year.
  • Student Pathway Exploration: Students will be introduced to our community partners and encouraged begin engaging with their individual educational pathway.
  • Mentor Introductions: Students will meet with their mentors for the first time and begin to build a relationship that will be encouraging and supportive.

September - May: Standard Ongoing Monthly Programming

  • Activity Engagement: Students engage in chosen activities based on their Propel Educational Pathway.
  • Weekly Check-In: Regular check-ins with their Mentor to ensure consistent engagement and progress.
  • Monthly Evaluation: Review and adjust goals and activities as needed to align with the student's evolving interests and achievements.

Our weekly checking and monthly evaluations ensure that students remain active and engaged in their own educational planning and experience. We strive to ensure their educational programming is adapted to suit their needs and desires. Our goal for the student is that they get to explore all of their unique talents and giftings. Our goal for ourselves is to support and encourage them along the journey.

Cost (it's completely free)

There is no cost to the parent or student because Propel is a program of the Colorado Homeschool Enrichment.

is a publicly funded program to benefit homeschooled and private school students with programs to enrich their standard course load. All students must enroll with CHE in the summer to be prepared to start the program in the fall. Eligible students must NOT be enrolled in any other publicly funded program at the time of enrollment. 

What's included

Students benefit from a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance their learning and personal growth

Personalized engagement plan
Monthly goal setting and evaluation
Diverse experiential learning opportunities
Regular check-ins and support

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