Little Explorers

Learning through Play and Exploration

Elementary Students | Colorado Springs

What is it?

Kids learn best through play and exploration! Ignite your child's learning with our workshop and field trip based program, designed to foster intellectual, social-emotional, and developmental growth through engaging exploration.

Dr. Karyn Purvis has shared that it takes 300-400 repetitions of something for learning to take place.

During play, however, it can take as few as TEN repetitions!

So, dive into a world of music, art, theatre, and nature, fostering creativity and curiosity for an unparalleled learning experience.

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This course focuses on developmental, social, emotional and intellectual learning through play and exploration.

Little Explorers encourages children to learn through play. Their natural curiosity will guide them as they explore the world around them through art, music, theater and nature. This program offers day camps, field trips and STEAM workshops.

Program Objectives

The main objectives of this program are to:

  • Encourage wonder
  • Show children how to engage with the world around them
  • Encourage collaboration and teamwork
  • Introduce music theory and art theory
  • Introduce theatre skills and give a behind the scenes look at what it takes to put on a production (at least one of our field trips will be to a local stage performance!)
  • Encourage awareness (of self and others)
  • Build self-confidence
  • Explore individual talents and gifts
  • Appreciate talents and gifts in others
  • Build personal resilience
Day Camps

Students will have access to four day camps throughout the year. Through these, they get to explore art, theatre and music.

Field Trips

Students will be offered field trips that encourage their natural sense of wonder and awe. These include local zoos, the Museum of Nature and Science, the Children’s Museum and Cave of the Winds, among others!


Our workshops will focus on ideas and concepts that coincide with what is being taught in your homeschool classroom, or encourage group learning focusing on science, math or the arts. We might erupt a volcano, build our own musical instruments, or learn about dances and food from around the world. Whatever our activity, these workshop days are sure to be a blast!

Grading Policies

As a homeschool enrichment program, we do not issue grades or credits. This program is designed to help support your student’s creativity and sense of wonder. This program is here for YOU and to support you.

Cost (it's completely free)

There is no cost to the parent or student because this class is a program of the Colorado Homeschool Enrichment.

is a publicly funded program to benefit homeschooled and private school students with programs to enrich their standard course load. All students must enroll with CHE in the summer to be prepared to start the program in the fall. Eligible students must NOT be enrolled in any other publicly funded program at the time of enrollment. 

What's included

With a range of sports programs and activities to choose from, there's something for everyone.


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Field Trips
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